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Free Public Observing at Clontarf, evening of Saturday 28th February 2015.


This continues the new venture by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers of the IAS. The venue is the seafront car park, on Clontarf Road, opposite the Clontarf Yacht & Boat Club, Dublin 3. Free, all welcome.

This 10 day old Moon and the planet Jupiter will be on view. This is organised by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers of the IAS.

Iridium Flare

There will be a very bright Iridium flare at 19:44 on Saturday February 28th 2015 which will be visible from the greater Dublin area. The flare will occur in South-East Gemini. If it is clear, look for Jupiter and the flare will occur nearby. See the chart below (from Heavens Above) for reference.

Iridium flares are glints of sunlight from the antennae on the Iridium earth satellites.

Iridium Map

Comet Lovejoy still on view

Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 is a fine object these January evenings. It may be glimpsed with the naked-eye, particularly from dark rural sites. It was reported as mag 3.7 on 13-14 January 2015 (J. O'Neill). Please note that, because of its nebulous nature, it is harder to see with the naked-eye than a star of the same magnitude would be. The photo (below) of the comet is by John O'Neill and was taken on 9-10 January 2015 (cropped; 200 mm camera lens). The drawing of 19 January 2015 is by Deirdre Kelleghan, with details appended.

In February the comet will fade a little, but still be an easy binocular object, as it moves from eastern Andromeda into Cassiopeia.

Please report any observations, drawings or photographs to our Director of Observations, Liam Smyth.

comet lovejoy

comet lovejoy

Sky-High 2015

skyhigh 2015

We are please to announce that our yearly almanac Sky-High 2015 has now be published.

Please see details for obtaining a copy.

Please note that IAS members have been mailed a free copy.

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