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Free Public Observing at Sandymount, evening of Friday 27th March 2015
& Clontarf, evening of Saturday 28th March 2015.


The first quarter Moon and the planet Jupiter will be on view. Please see more details.

These events are organised by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers of the IAS.

The Life Cycle of a Star - from Gas Cloud to Black Hole

Dr.Colm Coughlan

by Dr. Colm Coughlan, DIAS

Monday March 30th 2015 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. Time: 8 pm. All welcome, free event.

This talk is about the life cycle of stars - from birth in stellar nebulae to the different ways in which they can end their lives. If time permits, he will also talk about how the stellar life cycle affects the evolution of galaxies.

Dr. Coughlan is originally from Newcestown in West Cork. He did an undergraduate degree in Applied Mathematics and Physics in UCC and stayed there to do a PhD on high resolution radio imaging of Active Galactic Nuclei under the supervision of Dr. Denise Gabuzda. He joined DIAS last September as a post-doctoral researcher in the star formation group in the school of cosmic physics. He is currently using the LOFAR radio array to study young stars (YSOs).

Orbit April-June 2015

25 Mar 2015: This issue has been printed. It will be posted out to members shortly.

The issue (of 28 A4 pages) focuses on Observation Reports and Images by members. It also includes Sky Notes for the period and an article by Peter Denman "Astronomy in a Floating World".

Partial Solar Eclipse from Ireland, 20 Mar 2015

partial eclipse

Despite a poor weather forecast and the day starting very grey and grim, many saw the eclipse through thin cloud or holes in the cloud.

The photo was taken by J. O'Neill, a little after maximum, through a hole in the clouds (85 mm refractor at 600 mm focal length).

The next partial solar eclipse visible from Ireland occurs in 2017, while for a total solar eclipse, the wait is for 2090!

Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2 slow to fade

Comet Lovejoy C/2014 Q2 continues to be a nice object these evenings. The photo (below) of the comet is by John O'Neill and was taken on 9-10 January 2015 (cropped; 200 mm camera lens). The drawing of 19 January 2015 is by Deirdre Kelleghan, with details appended.

As March began the comet was about 6th magnitude. During the month the comet will fade a little, but still be an easy binocular object, as it moves in Cassiopeia. On the evening of 15th March it was very near (about 10') the bright star Delta Cassiopeiae. Did any members get any images?

Please report any observations, drawings or photographs to our Director of Observations, Liam Smyth.

comet lovejoy

comet lovejoy

Sky-High 2015

skyhigh 2015

Our yearly almanac Sky-High 2015 has is available for purchase.

Please see details for obtaining a copy.

Please note that IAS members have been mailed a free copy.

What's on?

2015 Mar 27 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy at Sandymount. See Facebook Posts.

2015 Mar 28 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy at Clontarf

2015 Mar 30 IAS Talk

2015 Apr 27 IAS Talk

Please see EVENTS for more details and further events.

If you would like to attend Dunsink Observatory Public Open Nights that are supported by the IAS, you can find more details at Dunsink Observatory. These recommenced in October 2014.

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