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Images of Starlight

IAS & IFAS Astrophotography Exhibition (2-21 Feb 2016)

astro photo

The IAS and IFAS have organised a special exhibition to showcase the work of Irish backyard astronomers astrophotography. Images of the Stars, the Galaxy and the Solar Syatem will be on view.

The exhibition is takes place in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin from Tuesday 2nd - Sunday 21st February 2016.

IAS Public Star Parties

Observing at Sandymount
Sandymount Event cancelled due to poor weather prospects.

Sandymount, Dublin

Friday, Feb 12th 2016 (8pm):

The Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers meet at the car park, on Strand Road, just south of the Sandymount Martello Tower, Dublin 4.

Clontarf, Dublin

Saturday, Feb 13th 2016 (8pm):

This continues the new venture by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers of the IAS. The venue is the seafront car park, on Clontarf Road, opposite the Clontarf Bus Garage, Dublin 3.

Free, all welcome to both nights.

Sky-High 2016

skyhigh 2016

Our yearly almanac Sky-High 2016 is available for ordering.

Please see details for obtaining a copy.

Please note that IAS members were mailed a free copy.

Some Sky Events

Some coming notable sky events for the rest of January are given in this extract (below) from the Sky-High 2016 Diary.

Data from Sky-High 2016.

skyhigh events

Total Lunar Eclipse of 28 September 2015 was well seen by most

lunar eclipse

We were treated to a fine total lunar eclipse.

The photo of the eclipse was taken by J. O'Neill, at 02.21 UT, with a 106 mm refractor at f/8. This was 10 min after the start of totality.

The next total lunar eclipse visible from Ireland occurs in July 2018.

Members please report any observations, drawings or photographs to our Director of Observations, Liam Smyth for inclusion in the next issue of Orbit.

IAS Membership Sub was due

Membership renewals are due from the 1st August 2015. Please note that the rates have increased this year. This is the first increase in many years and is needed to cover increased postage costs and rental fees for the hall for our lectures.

Comet Lovejoy 2014 Q2 near Polaris

In late May, the comet passes about 1° from the pole star Polaris. Remarkably, it is still visible (as of 23 May) in binoculars, at just below mag 8. It is an excellent time to image the comet with a fixed camera, as trailing would be slight.

The photo (below) of the comet is by John O'Neill and was taken on 9-10 January 2015 (cropped; 200 mm camera lens). The drawing of 19 January 2015 is by Deirdre Kelleghan, with details appended.

Please report any observations, drawings or photographs to our Director of Observations, Liam Smyth.

comet lovejoy

comet lovejoy

Petition for Ireland to join the European Southern Observatory

VLT Please consider signing the petition in favour of Ireland joining the European Southern Observatory.

Photo of the Very Large Telecope in Chile, courtesy of E.S.O.

What's on?

2016 Feb 2-21 Images of Starlight (Botanic Gardens, Dublin)

2016 Feb 12 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy at Sandymount.

2016 Feb 13 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy at Clontarf.

2016 Feb 29 Talk in Ely House (by Dr Martin Topinka).

Please see EVENTS for more details and further events.

If you would like to attend Dunsink Observatory Public Open Nights that are supported by the IAS, you can find more details at Dunsink Observatory. These recommenced in October 2015.

Malahide Community School is starting an astronomy course on 2 Feb 2016.

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