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How To Cook Up A Star

Dr. Paul Dawson

by Dr. Paul Dawson, School of Cosmic Physics, DIAS

Monday October 20th 2014 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. Time: 8 pm. All welcome, free event.

Cookery shows are all the go on TV. The ultimate in cookery has to be star formation. So this talk shamelessly imitates a cookery programme and explains how the universe goes about cooking up the stars. From ingredients to finished item, the talk will give an insight into the process. It will also throw some light on the methods used by researchers to figure out what we know so far about star formation.

Dr. Dawson is an astrophysicist with the Dublin Institute of Astrophysics, specialising in the formation of sub-stellar objects (brown dwarfs) and planets.

Uranus on view

Uranus, the first planet discovered since antiquity, is well on view these evenings.

It is a 6th magnitude object, so binoculars will suffice. At low magnification, it looks exactly like a star.

The planet is now in Pisces, about 4° south-west of the 4th mag star epsilon Piscium.

The chart (a reduced version from Sky-High 2014) show the path of Uranus till near the end of the year.


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