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The Cosmic Microwave Background: New Views of the Early Universe

Dr.Creidhe O'Sullivan

by Dr Creidhe O'Sullivan, Department of Physics, Maynooth University

Monday November 24th 2014 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. Time: 8 pm. All welcome, free event.

This is an exciting time for cosmology. Our understanding of the Universe has been transformed in the last 15 years and we now believe that while it contains only 5% ordinary matter almost two-thirds of it is made of a mysterious 'dark energy'.

The cosmic microwave background (CMB), relic radiation from the Big Bang, has been one of our most important sources of information about the early Universe and many believe that we have, for the first time, detected the signature of the gravitational waves produced by an early rapid expansion of the Universe.

In this presentation Dr. O'Sullivan will talk about our current understanding of the contents and structure of the Universe as well as the origin and importance of the CMB. She will describe some of the recent results from satellite and ground-based experiments such as Planck and BICEP2.

Stars, Comets and Mince Pies

Friday December 5th 2014 (7.30 pm) at Dunsink Observatory, Dublin 15.

The IAS is organising this special social event, for amateur astronomers, to mark the festive season. It will include two talks, a quiz with a twist, a short film and weather permitting an observing session. Light refreshments and mince pies will be served. There is no charge and is open to the public.

The talks are: Primitive meteorites, comets and the formation of the solar system by Dr Ian Sanders (TCD) and To Catch A Comet by John Flannery (IAS)

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