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Update 31 Oct: Event cancelled due to poor weather prospects.

Free Public Observing at Sandymount, evening of Friday 31 Oct 2014.

The 8 day old Moon be on view. Please see more details.

Uranus on view

Uranus, the first planet discovered since antiquity, is well on view these evenings.

It is a 6th magnitude object, so binoculars will suffice. At low magnification, it looks exactly like a star.

The planet is now in Pisces, about 4° south-west of the 4th mag star epsilon Piscium.

The chart (a reduced version from Sky-High 2014) show the path of Uranus till near the end of the year.


What's on?

2014 Oct 31 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy

2014 Nov 24 IAS Talk

2014 Nov 28 Dublin Sidewalk Astronomy

2014 Nov 29 Clontarf Public Observing

2014 Dec 5 IAS Social Event at Dunsink Obs

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If you would like to attend Dunsink Observatory Public Open Nights that are supported by the IAS, you can find more details at Dunsink Observatory. These recommence in October 2014.

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