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Amateur Radio Satellites and receiving live video from the orbiting ISS

by Daniel Cussen


Monday 26th September 2016 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. All welcome, free event.

Image courtesy NASA.

Where have all the (Bright) Novae gone

by John O'Neill (IAS, AAVSO)


Monday 24th October 2016 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. All welcome, free event.

In the first half of the 20th century, seven bright novae were discovered. Since 1950 that figure is just one. In this talk, John will discuss the lack of recent bright novae discoveries and some of the possible explainations for this. Along the way, he will also touch on what novae are and how you might search for them. He will also recall the excitement of some of the bright novae discoveries of the past.

The image show Nova Herculis 1934 at minimum and maximum (near 1st mag).

Image courtesy Lick Observatory.

Exploring the Low Frequency Radio Universe from Birr

by Prof. Peter Gallagher (TCD)

Monday 28th November 2016 (8 pm).
Venue: Ely House, 8 Ely Place, Dublin 2. All welcome, free event.

More talks to follow.

IAS Public Star Parties

Observing at Sandymount

Sandymount, Dublin

Friday, 7th Oct 2016 (20.00 hrs):

The Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers meet at the car park, on Strand Road, just south of the Sandymount Martello Tower, Dublin 4. Free, all welcome.

Members bring along their telescopes and share the wonders of the night-sky with the public.

Futher dates TBA.

Clontarf, Dublin

Saturday, 8th Oct 2016 (20.00 hrs):

This continues the new venture by the Dublin Sidewalk Astronomers of the IAS. The venue is the seafront car park, on Clontarf Road, opposite the Clontarf Bus Garage, Dublin 3. Free, all welcome.

Futher dates TBA.

Other Events

Malahide Community School astronomy course

Beginners may be interested in the astronomy course run by IAS member John Daly at the Malahide Community School. The 10 week course including topics such as planets of the solar system, galaxies, the lives of stars, a brief history of astronomy, advice on choosing a telescope, the latest happenings in space and much more.

More information and how to book. Also you can contact by phone on 01 8460949 or 086 8188783.

Note that this is not run by the IAS.

2016 Dates to Save

October 28-30: Mayo Dark Sky Festival - Newport, Co Mayo.

2017 Dates to Save

March 31 - April 2: Cosmos - Athlone, Co Westmeath.

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