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Sky-High 2016

As a taster for Sky-High 2017 a PDF version of Sky-High 2016 is now free of charge.
You may download and print it for your personal use only and it may not be sold or modified.

Sky-High is the IAS's Irish Astronomy Almanac, published in December each year. It is now in its 24th year, since its first edition for 1993. The core sections deal with events in the sky for the year ahead, including a Diary of carefully selected events. Also included are a selection of different articles from year to year.

Editor: John O'Neill.

What's in Sky-High for 2016:
Sky Diary for 2016; The Planets in 2016; Comets in 2016; Meteors Showers in 2016; Asteroids in 2016; Variable Stars in 2016; Eclipses and Transit of Mercury in 2016; Spaceflight 2016; "The Big Six: Beacons of the Sky", "1916 - A Time of Change: A Change of Time", "John Birmingham and his New Star of 1866", "In the Shadows of Giants" and more.

It features a colour gallery and has 28 A4 pages.

IAS members get a free printed copy of Sky-High as a benefit of membership. An electronic version of Sky-High (pdf) is available to IAS members, on request, by email (for their own private use only).

How to get Sky-High 2016

Sky-High 2016 is available for purchase:

All proceeds go to the Irish Astronomical Society (for the benefit of Amateur Astronomy).

Sky-High 2016 Update & Errata

Apr 2016: Comet 252P/LINEAR is much brighter than predicted, but beware it is a large low surface brightness object.

23 Apr 2016: In the Sky Diary, p.6, under 'April 24/25', for 'crescent Moon' read 'waning gibbous Moon'.

27 Apr 2016: Jupiter's Great Red Spot have drifted to 246° (System II), delaying the transits by nearly 20 minutes to those given in the Table on Page 11.

Previous Sky-Highs

Previous issues of Sky-High from 2006 onwards are available as a free of charge PDF download. Click on the covers below. They may not be sold or modified.

These may be downloaded and printed for your personal use only.

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