Planets and Moons of the solar system:


Triton, September 2014


5th September 2014 (at 01.55 UT). 106 mm refractor at f/8. Triton (marked) imaged with a CCD using an I filter. 3x20 s exposures. Cropped. North is towards the left. The brighest star in the centre of the image (3.7' from Neptune) is 4UC400-137148 (mag 13.5 from APASS).

Triton is the largest moon of Neptune and is 2700 km across. The predicted magnitude was 13.5.

Himalia in January 2014


30th January 2014 (at 01.27 UT). 28 cm SCT at f/6.3. Imaged with DSLR. 14x20 s exposures. Cropped. North is up. The star just to the west is 4UC564-033983. Click to get a wider 9' field.
The outside temperature was -7°C.

Himalia is a moon of Jupiter and is about 180 km across. The predicted magnitude was 14.8.

Jupiter in December 2012


The North Temperate Belt is very prominent on the planet, and the south edge of the North Equatorial Belt is active. Opposition was on 3rd December 2012.

Altitude 50°. CM I 133° and CM II 69°. Diameter 48.4".

7th December 2012 (at 01.35 UT). 28 cm SCT at f/20. Imaged with a webcam (Philips ToUcam Pro II). Stack of 50 best frames out of 200. North is up.

This was actually my first attempt at webcam imaging!

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