Star Parties

A selection of star parties, in various parts of the World, that I have enjoyed attending:


Stellafane, Vermont

Stellafane Stellafane

Stellafane has been held nearly every year since 1926. It is organised by The Springfield Telescope Makers. The highlights are the telescope making competion, talks and observing.

The photos shows the Pink Club House and the Observing Hill.

Located at Breezy Hill, Springfield, Vermont. Photos taken in 2012.

Texas Star Party (TSP)


The TSP is a week long event held each May. It was first held in 1979. The main highlight is the observing under very dark skies. There are also talks, vendors and a tour of McDonald Observatory.

The photos shows the Upper Field and the Middle Field at the 2015 event.

It is held at the Prude Ranch in the Davis Mountains of west Texas.

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