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Jupiter's Great Red Spot (GRS) transit times update

9 Aug 2022: Since Sky-High 2022 was published in late 2021 the GRS has drifted from Longitude 2° to 22° (Sys II). This means that you should add 33 minutes to the times given in the table on page 11.

Maximum of Long-Period Variable R And update

10 Dec 2022: Since Sky-High 2022 was published in Dec 2021 E.Waagen of the AAVSO has updated the predicted maximum date for LPV R And from 31 Dec 2022 to 25 Jan 2023.

Useful Websites & Resources

British Astronomical Association publisher of the BAA Handbook
DIAS with details of the public nights at Dunsink Obs.
Guide 9.1
AAVSO with VSP for plotting charts
BAA Comet Visual Section
IMO Meteors
Irish Star Parties astronomy weekends

by J.O'Neill (Sky-High Editor)

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