Deep Sky

A page devoted to the Deep Sky:


Spring time Open Clusters

Left: M44 Praesepe in Cancer, its nickname is the Beehive. 02.16 UT. Exposure 6x10 s, cropped. It was then an easy naked-eye object.

Right: M41 (in Canis Major) near the trees. 02.13 UT. Exposure 4x10 s.

Taken from Daisy SP, Arkansas, USA. 7-8 April 2024. 135 mm focal-length lens. North is towards the top-right.


The Large Magellanic Cloud from the Australian Outback. Canopus is the bright star to the right.

13th November 2012 at 18:09 UT.Zoom lens set at 24 mm with a DLSR at ISO 800. 4 min exposure. Driven on an equatorial mount.

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