The Moon

Examples of Astrophotography:

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The Moon glides by Mars December 2022

The Moon passed very near Mars on 7-8 December 2022.At closest approach at 04:08 UT they were just 6" apart.By the time this image was taken at 04:35 UT they had considerably separated.

Taken from Topsfield, MA. Small clear gaps in cloud. 28 cm SCT with a DSLR camera. 1/160 s exposure. ISO 800. Cropped.

The Nearest-Perigee Full Moon 2018

Moon; click image for higher resolution

Rising over the Irish Sea, this was not only the nearest full moon of 2018, but also the nearest perigee of the year.It was 356,600 km away.

Taken on 1st January 2018 at 17.26 UT. Rush, Co Dublin. DSLR Camera (Canon 500D) with a zoom lens set at a focal length of 76 mm.
Set at ISO 200. Two images (1 s and 1/250 s) combined.

The Crescent Moon

Moon; click image for higher resolution

The crescent moon has a special charm all of its own.

Taken on 21st December 2009 at 18.00 UT. DSLR Camera on a 130 mm refractor with a focal length of 1040 mm.
1/60 s, set at ISO 400. Slight amount of Unsharp Mask applied.

Clavius and surrounding craters

clavius; click image for higher resolution

Clavius and the surrounding region, Tycho is towards the bottom right. This is a small detail from a larger image.

Taken on 6th January 2009. 130 mm refractor with a 4x Powermate giving f/32. DSLR (Canon 350D) image with a 1/60 s exposure at ISO 200.

The Moon occults Regulus in October 2007

The Moon occulted the 1st magnitude star Regulus on the morning of October 7th 2007.The image was taken just after the reappearance Regulus from behind the moon. The bright object to the right isVenus. Taken from near Banagher, Co Offaly. DSLR camera with camera lens at set at 300 mm focal length. 0.5 s exposure.

Schiller, Wargentin and Schickard

schiller; click image for higher resolution (129K)

Taken on 2005 Apr 21. 130 mm refractor operating at f/19. 1/13 s exposure, using the afocal method, with a Nikon 4500 Digital Camera.

The Moon as your have never seen it!

Unusual Moon; click image for higher resolution

No body on earth has seen the moon like this! This is a view that a future astronaut might see.

Taken on 17th December 2005 at 22.21 UT. DSLR Camera on a 130 mm refractor. 1/125 s, set at ISO 100. Image digitally projected.

Lunar Apennines and Copernicus

Lunar Apennines; click image for higher resolution (150K)

Taken on 2001 Nov 24. 130 mm refractor, using eyepiece projection, operating at f/50. 1/2 s exposure on Fujichrome 200 slide film.

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